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Our commitment to you

The team at The London Prosthetics Centre is committed to providing the best possible and most appropriate service for you. You will be treated by a network of professionals at every stage of your treatment so you can confidently and comfortably enjoy life.

Initial referrals to the London Prosthetic Centre can be made by patients, families, physicians, therapists, insurance providers, case managers, government bodies and others.

Excellent cooperation between our clients and our prosthetists is absolutely necessary for a successful outcome. Our prosthetists aim to give you

Undivided Care and Attention

Try to wear or bring clothing that allows access to your residual limb, such as shorts, a skirt, short-sleeved top or sleeveless top.

Custom-made prosthetics is a highly complicated process. Measurements and moulds are necessary and offer us the basis for your custom work.


It can take several fittings to produce a well-fitting, well-functioning artificial limb. Your prosthetist will normally focus on the fit of the socket first. A clear plastic test socket may be fitted so that the prosthetist can actually see where the socket fits well and where modifications are needed. Your prosthetist will ask for your feedback regarding comfort and fit.

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Follow up care

Once your device is complete, you will need to set up a a free of charge recheck appointment within 3 months with your prosthetist to monitor the fit and function of your device. We want to be sure that your prosthesis continues to fit comfortably and that it remains in good mechanical condition. If we find anatomical changes (body size or volume) or changes in your functional ability, we will adjust the device and/or recommend changes to the device.

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Prosthetic care can be expensive and every amputee or their providers are concerned about the cost. It’s difficult to tell someone how much their prosthesis is going to cost without an in-person evaluation. Once the initial assessment is done, we will then be able to provide you with an itemised cost for your interventions. We will also advise you on future cost and warranties.

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