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Follow up care

Once your device is complete, you will need to set up a a free of charge recheck appointment within 3 months with your prosthetist to monitor the fit and function of your device. We want to be sure that your prosthesis continues to fit comfortably and that it remains in good mechanical condition. If we find anatomical changes (body size or volume) or changes in your functional ability, we will adjust the device and/or recommend changes to the device.

We recommend that you book a chargeable return appointment at least every 6 months for follow-up care, or sooner if you notice changes in your weight or activity level. Your clinician will let you know if your device requires more frequent follow-up care or specific maintenance.

Initially, after receiving your final prosthesis, some amputees may return to their prosthetist frequently for adjustments. After few months, the need for follow-up visits typically reduces.

Follow-up is a lifelong activity

It is important to allow your limb to adapt to your new prosthesis. A gradual increase in your wearing time can make the difference between a comfortable and painful transition.

Your residual limb volume may reduce during the first few weeks of wearing a new prothesis, especially if this is your first prosthesis.

Check your skin every time you take off your prosthesis:

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