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Tim Verrall MBAPO SR pros

Tim originally trained as a mechanical engineer and as part of an HND course worked for a short time at Chailey Heritage in Sussex, researching the use of carbon fibre in Orthotics.

Tim Verrall MBAPO SR pros

He started training as a prosthetist with Steeper Group at Roehampton in 1974 and from 1978 worked at the Disability Services Centre, Withington Hospital, Manchester. He continued to work with Steeper Group following the merger of the two companies and now has considerable experience in both upper and lower extremity disciplines.

For five years he headed up their Best Practice Group, responsible for the production of evidence based prosthetic guidelines for the prescription of socket types, the choice of casting methods, and generic prosthetic components, before handing on that responsibility. These guidelines have now been published.

He is also involved with their Clinical Support Group for lower extremity products and is the Clinical Support Prosthetist for lower extremity products, whilst continuing to work as a Clinical Prosthetist at the Prosthetic and Wheelchair Department, Aintree Hospital, Liverpool.

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