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Alleles - Fashionable Prosthetic Leg covers

Many medical devices out there are designed with very little ‘soul’ only reinforcing the pitiful stigma placed on disability. By taking a fashion approach to the prosthetic industry we have designed a new line of prosthetic accessories which has transformed prosthetics into a new stream of fashion shifting prosthetics into objects of healthy curiosity.

Rather than using a traditional cosmetic of fleshtoned foam intended to camouflage ones prosthesis, our product is meant to compliment ones wardrobe allowing people to dress their prosthesis as they would the rest of their body. Self-expression through fashion is a powerful medium that allows you project how you want the world to perceive you.

With that, our mission has always been to do for
prosthetics what a previous generation of fashion designers did for eyeglass industry. We based our business model on the fashion cycle where we release biannual product collections in the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter in order to provide more choice to amputees each season.

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