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BiOM Ankle (BionX)

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The BiOM® Ankle is the only prosthesis with powered propulsion for enhanced mobility.

BionX™ is committed to offering bionic solutions that restore normalized function and quality of life for people with amputations. More than 1,000 people have experienced the power of BiOM Personal Bionics.

Emulates the function of lost muscles and tendons.
Energizes every step, to walk farther and faster – even up ramps, hills and stairs.

Mimics normal ankle movement to enable a more natural stride.
Centers your alignment to reduce joint forces which may result in less pain.

Dynamic resistance controls the ankle movement from heel strike until you push of your toe.
Provides the balance you need to feel confident on any surface.

The Power of BiOM Personal Bionics
•Helps your patients walk faster and farther2, 17
•Reduces joint forces and potential for osteoarthritis 2,7, 17, 16
•Enables safety and stability on variable terrain. 2,12
•Provides powered propulsion to climb ramps hills and stairs2, 12

How the BiOM Ankle Works

The BiOM Ankle replaces the function of the individual’s lost muscle and tendon anatomy and provides more energy than it stores. Our unique technology provides a net-positive power assist, emulating the missing calf muscles and energizing the amputee’s forward progression during each walking stride.

With each step, the BiOM Ankle delivers powered propulsion to lift and drive the patient forward, smoothly transitioning weight to the active limb.

Assured Performance, Reliability and Support

The BiOM Ankle uses tablet-based software to customize tuning and gait normalization for each patient.

This provides documentation of K3 mobility.

The BiOM Ankle has a 3 year warranty.

More than 1,000 people have experienced the power of BiOM Personal Bionics.

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