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Biosculptor Laser scanner

We are the only Company within the UK that can offer you the option to have a Bioscanner™ Laser Scan of your residual limb anatomy. With its unique twin camera accuracy we can produce a model of your residual limb within minutes.

This CAD system gives us the ability to produce models that are accurate to 0.005 inch of your residual limb surface. The whole system of choice for us is BioSculptor.

This CAD/CAM system is exclusively used by our clinicians in the UK. It has proven positive clinical outcomes in applications throughout the world. Faster and more accurate results are produced.

Biosculptor can accept images form a number of other devices such as MRI and CT scans.

These models are modified in the computer system and can accurately be enlarged and reduced in volume if the patient’s weight alters. As a patient you can directly see what modifications have been done to your sockets on request.

Biosculptor allows us to securely store your prosthetic details for a number of years and when required, comparison and consistency can be achieved.

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