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Blatchford Elan Foot

A microprocessor-controlled hydraulic ankle and foot which mimics natural muscle resistance and ankle motion, which in turn encourages more balanced limb loading, a faster walking speed and reduced compensatory movements. The result is a smoother, safer and more natural walking experience.

Key Features

 Mimics natural muscle resistance and ankle motion
 Optimises stability when standing and walking
 Encourages symmetrical limb loading
 Helps to preserve the body in the long term
 Effective energy storage and return
 Hydraulics stiffen to assist with a natural standing posture
 Greater comfort and reduced socket pressures
 Improved safety, reduced risk of trips and falls
 Smoother, easier and more natural gait

Technical Specification

 Max User Weight 125kg
 Activity Level 2-4
 Battery Life: Up to 2 days
 Weight: 920g*
 Heel Height: 10mm

*Component weight shown is for a size 26cm without footshell.

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