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Freedom Innovations PLIÉ™ MPC Knee

An industry leading Actuator Response Time (A.R.T.) supported by advanced microprocessor programming, allows the knee to make nearly instantaneous adjustments to knee position and velocity. With a reaction time ten times faster than the blink of an eye, the device provides a precise response to actual gait dynamics as they occur, rather than a step behind. The result is a prosthetic knee that requires less cognitive effort, freeing the user to look beyond the next step and enjoy what lies ahead.

Freedom Innovations PLIÉ™ MPC Knee

When it comes to water resistance, no other microprocessor knee even comes close. Activities once ill-advised are now fair game. Boating is an option, along with fly fishing and many other outdoor activities. Something as simple as washing a car or taking children to the water park can now be done with the safety of a microprocessor controlled knee. A replaceable battery pack gives users the option of alternating a second battery so that the knee is never out of working order. Responsive, lightweight, water resistant and always ‘on’— the groundwork is set for a revolutionary product that will truly enhance a person’s quality of life.

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