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Ottobock C-Leg 4 Knee

The best C-Leg of all time.

The C-Leg’s greatest strength is helping people achieve independence. No other mechatronic leg prosthesis system is trusted by as many users worldwide. More than 60,000 fittings for people with transfemoral amputations have been carried out since 1997. Studies prove it: The C-Leg is the safest microprocessor-controlled knee joint and therefore extremely reliable. With its numerous innovative features, the new C-Leg marks the start of a new era: It’s the best C-Leg of all time – safer, more dynamic, more modern, easier. From stairs and ramps to varying surfaces and walking backwards – the C-Leg leg prosthesis system adjusts itself dynamically to various everyday situations. A relaxed standing position with a slightly flexed knee is intuitive now. Also new is the design and also the option of controlling the knee joint via an app. Finally, we’ve taken the stumble recovery function to an even higher level.

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Ottobock C-Leg 4 Knee

New patented function, more stability, more activity

Our goals are always to reduce the effort the user needs to manage their prosthesis, to improve function, and to make the knee easier to fit. The C-Leg 4 prosthetic knee delivers in all areas including:
• Increasing function
• Removing the need for a special pylon
• Simplifying the fitting process

We’ve added a user-friendly smartphone app that gives users more choice, reduced the system height by 1.7 inches/4.3cm, tested for water exposure, and added a new activity report feature.
One of the many improvements that make C-Leg 4 uniquely easier to use is a patented method that improves the transition to swing phase and makes walking backwards safely possible. By refining
C-Leg 4 function, changing walking speeds are controlled efficiently and effectively, even when steps are small or surfaces are challenging.

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