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Ottobock DynamicArm Elbow Prosthesis

The 12K100N DynamicArm is a myoelectrically-controlled elbow joint driven by an electric motor and is intended users with transhumeral or higher amputation levels. DynamicArm Plus (12K110N) is available for users with more than 2 myo-signals.

The DynamicArm combines all advantages of ErgoArm Electronic plus. Furthermore, it is controlled entirely by myoelectric signals. In addition to hand and rotation of wrist joint, elbow joint flexion can also be controlled by muscle signals.
Additional benefits:

High lifting and holding force
Natural, delicate control with quick, precise positioning
Attractive appearance
Low noise level, no noise at all during free swing
Natural free swing behavior

The prosthesis is particularly inconspicuous, thanks to operating noise optimized by sound engineering as well as the slightly dampened – and completely silent – free swing phase. These special technology features are integrated in an elbow joint-forearm system with a natural, anatomic design. The shape and basic color blend in with the overall image of the human body. Silicone elements dampen noise and shocks that are caused, for example, when leaning on a hard surface.

The 12K100N DynamicArm is now even more natural and reliable. This is achieved through the following innovations:
The elastomer protector in the hollow of the elbow joint has been removed. All other protectors are now the same color as the rest of the forearm, providing a more natural look.
A powerful Bluetooth module, which provides an optimised connection, permits secure configuration via a computer.
Thanks to the modified strap clamp, trial fittings are easier and faster. The strap cable mounting has been modified so that the DynamicArm can be threaded directly into the lamination ring on the socket.
The stain gauge compensates for temperature fluctuations even more reliably.
Thanks to these improvements, and based on a new warranty, maintenance is only required every 24 months.

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