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LIM Innovations - Infinite Socket

The body isn’t a fixed rigid shape. So why are prosthetic sockets? At LIM Innovations™, this is the re-thinking of conventional norms that drives our product design.

LIM Innovations® is forging a new paradigm in prosthetics. We are setting new standards in prosthetic design to dramatically improve amputees’ enduring comfort and quality of life, fitting process efficiency, and empower users to live life beyond the limits of their prosthesis.

LIM Innovations - Infinite Socket

Our bodies change in size, shape and needs throughout the day, so our clothes and shoes are designed with dynamic designs and textiles to change with them. We believe prosthetics which have a direct interface with the body should be responsive as well. We’ve taken inspiration from action sports and other industries to leverage state-of-the-art industrial design, textiles, and manufacturing processes to develop custom products that perform in harmony with the dynamic needs of users’ bodies over time and empower them to achieve optimal function and comfort each day.

INFINITE SOCKET The Infinite Socket is a custom-moulded, modular socket designed to dramatically improve amputees’ enduring comfort, quality of life, and efficiency of the fitting process. It’s the first socket offering adjustability at each component, empowering clinicians and users to make adjustments in response to volume fluctuations for an ongoing optimal fit. The result is improved outcomes and reduced time to fit, giving both patients and prosthetists back valuable time.

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