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RUSH87™ Foot

Thanks to the unique sole plate and virtually indestructible unique glass composite material, the RUSH87™ delivers the smoothest transition from heel strike to toe-off of any prosthetic foot in the industry. Patients will experience unparalleled comfort, range of motion and zero dead spots in every step.

The unique design and superior reliability of the highly-dynamic RUSH87™ foot is unprecedented in the industry. Ability Dynamics has utilized an innovative glass composite, that makes the RUSH87™ foot three times more flexible than carbon-based prosthetics. The unique glass composite has been proven not to break down in heavy use like carbon fiber.

Glass composite is a far cry from the rigid carbon fiber materials found in most prosthetic feet. It is a specially-formulated composite fiber material that is nearly indestructible, sensationally flexible and only available on Ability Dynamic prosthetic devices.

With the upper and lower struts comprised of this glass composite, the RUSH87™ foot carves out superior engineering and delivers the most realistic and responsive foot and ankle motion available on the market today. With three times more flexibility than most conventional prosthetic feet, comfort and ease of motion are dramatically increased.
icon Durable
icon Smooth roll-over
icon High-energy return
icon All-terrain
icon Waterproof (fresh or salt water)


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