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Ottobock ProCarve Skiing, Snowboarding and Waterskiing prosthesis

The ProCarve sport prosthesis as used by professional skier, Heather Mills, is a great solution for recreational and professional athletes with lower limb amputations. The dampened knee and foot system creates targeted and coordinated functionality for skiing, snowboarding and other sports with similar motions such as wakeboarding or waterskiing.

The foot and knee combination is suitable for knee disarticulation and above-knee amputees, while below-knee amputees can take advantage of the ProCarve foot component.


The ProCarve sports prosthetic system includes a monocentric, aluminium sports knee equipped with a high performance hydraulic damping element and a disengagement function to make sitting down more comfortable. The damping element – a combination of a pneumatic spring and a hydraulic unit – ensures dynamic movement. The individually adjustable air pressure controls the flexion movement and the hydraulics dampen the extension movement. The use of hydraulics minimise loss of energy through friction as the knee moves, ensuring all the power created by the athlete is applied to propelling them forward.


The ProCarve foot can be used as an independent unit or in combination with the ProCarve knee joint. It is connected directly to the ski binding or combined with a footshell that has a shape suited especially for snowboard boots. Like the ProCarve knee, the foot includes a high-performance, robust damping unit for controlling the movement around the pivot point. The function and the adjustment options are the same as for the damping unit in the knee joint. A second version of the foot offers increased stiffness, from which advanced riders with below-knee amputation can profit the most.

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