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Bebionic Small Hand

The new bebionic small has arrived!
As the most lifelike bionic hand on the market, the latest addition to bebionic is small and perfectly formed.
The new pearlescent design is sleek, modern and gives users precise control with cutting-edge features and technology. bebionic small builds upon the robust design of the original bebionic with a 30% reduction in size without compromising on performance or functionality

Bebionic Small Hand

Cutting Edge Technology Learn about the cutting edge technology used in the creation of bebionic small by exploring the key features in the graphic below and watch Ted Varley, Steeper’s Technical Director discuss the most lifelike hand available to amputees.

See the key technological features of the world’s most anatomically correct bionic hand; including ‘bubble’ palps, F1 technology and patented encoding.

Listen to Ted Varley, Technical Director explain exactly how accurate the structure of bebionic small is to a real hand.

Nicky Ashwell, First UK user fitted at London Prosthetic Centre
Nicky Ashwell has become the first UK user to receive the world’s most lifelike hand; bebionic small. Listen to Nicky’s story to learn how bebionic small helped her to create her turning point.

Listen to Bruce Rattray, Prosthetics Advisor speak about Nicky’s bebionic small fitting, and her impressive progress to date.

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