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Ella Dove – Highlights of her charity performance “A Leg Up for Ella” at The Comedy Store

26, July 2017

We share a video of Ella Rose Dove who visited The LPC this year in search of a new prosthetic leg that would fit in with her “taking back her life” attitude after limb loss.

Ella’s extraordinary accident occurred in May 2016, where she was out jogging and tripped. She fell in such a way that her knee dislocated and a bone severed a major artery preventing any circulation to her foot. 5 days later, the devastating result was the amputation of her right leg below the knee.

Ella met with Abdo at the clinic recently and the plans were set in motion for a custom made high definition silicone leg and an Ossur Elation foot that has adjustable height and a steady gait on all terrains. This would enable Ella to go about her daily life with more confidence and mobility.

We are thrilled to share some highlights of Ella’s performance on the 17th July at the Comedy Store in London with her resident choir, The Stratford East Singers which helped raise funds for her new prosthesis.

Ella’s full story can be found in the Step Forward magazine from Limbless Association “Why recovery is a family affair”.

With the help of Mum, I gradually found reasons to smile”. “When you’re a new amputee, it can often feel as if everything has changed. And yet, nothing is as heartbreakingly different as I’d imagined from my hospital bed. I’m back living with my sister and friend in my flat, I’m back at the office, and I still take part in the things I enjoyed before the accident”. While I won’t be scaling mountains any time soon, Mum has taught me to look inside myself when life seems tough. With her by my side, I know how to grasp hold of that inner, inherited strength and keep my focus on the bright future that lies ahead.

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