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#Get Moving Limbloss Awareness Month

03, April 2017

Join us throughout the month of April to raise awareness of limb loss and limb difference,

To support and encourage members of our community as they build their independence through increased mobility. Join our social media campaign called #GetMoving to raise awareness of the physical health benefits and mental health benefits of engaging in physical activity with a focus on moving more at home, in the office and at school.

“This is not a new idea; the Amputee Coalition of America have been running the campaign for many years. We can all see the potential benefit to our community of raising awareness about being more active. Recently we have seen the charities working much more closely and campaigns such as this have a real chance of raising awareness and supporting our community with useful information and resources to help them build their independence. When we work together we can achieve so much more. It’s going to be an exciting month and we look forward to the feedback.”, Kiera Roche – CEO LimbPower.

The campaign will be focusing on the difficulty that many of those living with limb differences face in being active. Not everyone is going to be a Paralympian, so for the majority of us it is important to pay attention to everyday activities and keep moving. This isn’t about sport, it is general tips for staying on the move at home, at work and for our younger friends, at school. The positive benefits of staying active are well documented and we all know how important it is for a positive and healthy lifestyle, both physically and emotionally.

#Get Moving will be promoted across social media, through newsletters and on websites, with a series of infographics inspiring individuals to move more during their day. Including simple tips to easily incorporate without disrupting everyday life.

To find out more about #Get Moving and Limb Loss Awareness Month or to get involved contact Carly Bauert .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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