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LPC take part in Limbcare Charity Golf Day

17, January 2018

Limbcare and the Disabled Golf Association launched their first inaugural golf day to raise funds for both causes. It was the first collaboration that brought together able bodied and the disabled for a day of fun, competition and fundraising.

Team LPC namely; Abdo Haidar (Lead Prosthetist), Mick Johnson (Silicone Workshop Manager, Dennis Moynihan (Specialist Workshop Technician Manager) and David Williams (Orthotist) donned their brand new golf attire underneath layers of fleece and raincoats in preparation for a soggy day on the golf course. Nothing would dampen their spirits as the excitement escalated throughout the morning… who doesn’t love a day out of the office playing golf!
Lucky for all, the clouds parted before tee off and the sun shone throughout an action packed day. Some very good and some not so good shots were captured and LPC are delighted to share the teams pics with you.
Several companies including LPC sponsored prizes and holes and the end result was a successful golf day and fundraising event.
Ray Edwards, Founder of Limbcare commented: “Working with the Disabled Golf Association (DGA) will provide us with an excellent opportunity to expand our reach, raise much needed funds and raise the profile of this wonderfully therapeutic sport. The DGA does wonderful work in supporting people less able bodied to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors and learn new skills.”
Abdo concluded “Thank you to Limbcare for inviting us to the day, our partnership allows us to share resources, exchange knowledge and channel our collective effort to shift the odds for new and existing amputees.”

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