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Mission MPK with Danny O’Leary and Abdo Haidar

11, January 2019

• Mission MPK with Danny O’Leary and Abdo Haidar
• 8 Microprocessor knees
• An experienced above knee prosthetic user
• 1 Film crew
• Mission Knees accomplished

LPC and our client Danny O’Leary took over the exquisite Nuffield gym in Surbiton to test out 8 of the latest microrprocessor knees that we fit regularly at the clinic.

From stairs to obstacle paths, Danny grilled the functions of each knee to obtain the best key features of each knee.
A mammoth task to be able to refit and align each knee to Danny’s socket, Abdo and Danny discussed the end results that included features such as ease of use on the mobile app, stability over uneven terrain and confidence in descending stairs.
We’re thrilled to share the videos and hope you find them informative.

Genium X3
C-Leg 4
Plie 3
Rheo XC

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