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Custom Silicone Cosmesis

Our service includes the option of custom high definition silicone cosmeses for upper and lower limbs and leg size restoration.

We consider ourselves the best in the world in this field. We are passionate about every cover we make IN-HOUSE to enable us to created life like appearance that can match the sound leg or arm.

All our silicone covers are made in-house in Kingston-Upon-Thames. Our silicone experts will meet you in our centre to shape your prosthesis while you wait and discuss all your requirements. We use Spectromatch technology, a skin colour matching technology exclusive to us, creating up to 22,000 colours to copy any skin colour required.

Each piece is unique and closely matched to your skin’s colour and texture. Skin pigmentation, freckles, veins, hair and even tattoos can be incorporated to give an authentic and personalised finish.
In addition, our in-house experts have the capacity and skills to produce high quality non-surgical cosmetic covers to disguise scar tissue. We can make any design, colour, shape you require in silicone.

We specialise in:
• Upper Limb Silicone Covers: Partial hand, below elbow, through elbow, above elbow, shoulder disarticulation
• Lower Limb Silicone Covers: Below knee, above knee, ankle and knee disarticulation, adjustable heel devices, water proof beach prosthesis
• Partial hand loss
• Partial foot loss: This design is functional, comfortable and offers improved cosmesis over all other available prosthetic solutions.
• Finger or toe loss: suction fit, band fit
• Scar disguise: suction fit or using medical adhesive
• Custom made Interface liners for all levels of amputations: We are able to manufacture any custom design required in our centre. Silicone is a very versatile material. The colour, stiffness, thickness can be customised as required.
• Restorations covers to match the size of both legs when one leg is smaller that the other or two legs are smaller than usual due to soft tissue loss from trauma or muscle waste. All our covers are waterproof, durable and easy to put on.

We will make a real and positive difference to your daily life.

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