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Lower Extremity Prosthetics

The London Prosthetic Centre deals in a variety of lower extremity prosthetics including prosthetic legs and knee prosthesis. We work with lower limb amputees who travel from all over the world to attend the Centre.

A well fitted socket and well aligned prosthesis can change an amputee’s life. It can improve the mobility, activity and therefore the general well being of the user.

We are at the forefront of technology, we manufacture all our prostheses in-house and we care for over 700 privately funded amputees in our Kingston-Upon-Thames Centre. Our clients attends our Centre from the UK, North Africa, Middle East, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Nigeria, Ghana, Ecuador, Venezuela, Ukraine and Europe.

We offer 2 years warranty on mechanical parts fitted and 3 months on all socket fitting post delivery. We want to insure that the prosthesis you have obtained from our Centre improves your life. We passionately want to help every amputee that attends our Centre regain their mobility and live their life as normally as possible.

We specialise in:

• Lightweight prosthesis: Titanium and carbon fibre

• Sockets: Double wall, flexible, adjustable, custom silicone, suction, vacuum, shuttle lock, sleeve

• Transfemoral and transtibial socket technology: ICS, MAS, TSB and PTB

• High heel and adjustable heel devices : Accent, Elation, Runway

• Electric feet: Proprio, Biom, Elan. Otto Bock Meridian and Freedom Innovations Kinnex feet coming soon in 2015

• Microprocessor knee joints: Otto Bock X3, Otto Bock Genium, Otto Bock C-Leg, Ossur Rheo Knee and Freedom Innovations Plie knee, Endolite Orion: Certified

• Running and sprinting prosthesis: Ossur Cheetah and Flex-Run, Freedom Innovations Catapult and Nitro, Otto Bock Sprinter, Endolite Elite blade and BladeXT

• Horse riding, skiing (Slalom, Downhill), diving, sailing, rowing, motor biking, basketball and cycling prostheses

• Silicone interfaces: Ohio Willow Wood, custom-made silicone liners, Alps, Ossur Seal-In and Wave, Medi 4 Seal TFS, Otto Bock Skeo and Balance TPE Liners

• Ultra light Shower/water proof below knee prosthesis under 1kg

• Silicone feet for partial foot amputation

• Congenital limb deficiencies

• Residual Limb scarring, skin grafting, prominent bones, sensitive skins, neuromas, bursa, skin problems.

• Multiple amputations

We also deal with many children following accidents, birth malformation or meningitis.

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