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We are able to offer the services of experienced professional physiotherapists and occupational therapists to ensure you receive optimum rehabilitation.

At The London Prosthetic Centre our patients are our focus and we deliver these services to a very high clinical standard so that you can be confident of the best possible care.
• Following an assessment and close working with your prosthetist, an initial programme of postural training and good basic exercises will help manage gait and muscle imbalance that may occur with a new prosthesis.
• Progressing on, we can identify any specific muscle strength or joint restrictions allowing us to personalise your rehabilitation programme by combining exercises and soft tissue mobilisation with massage.
• Finally we are able to demonstrate and teach methods regarding functional tasks such as ascending and descending stairs and ramps or getting on and off the floor, walking outdoors and in a range of different every day settings, along with other specific tasks needed to get you back to a safe, independent functioning status.

At The London Prosthetic Centre we can also offer by appointment Community visits to your address. These can be arranged in the evening or on weekends when we can look at your function in your own environment to again allow for more specific task training.

In addition we offer a Saturday morning clinic at the prosthetic gym for more general physiotherapy rehabilitation, exercise and /or soft tissue/massage sessions.

We work closely with consultants at the Cromwell Hospital in London and other London based Consultants.

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