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Client Testimonial – Jan 2018

Ginny the dog clearly loves my prosthetic leg as much as I do, always pushing in to get close to it (just as well I have good balance!)
I’m continuing to walk all around and generally don’t use a stick in the house now, although the bony prominence is a bit more ‘ouchy’ when I don’t use a stick. I was tempted to walk a mile and a half from my town to my home the other day (after already having walked over a kilometre in town) but I thought I had better stay sensible until the bony prominence is completely under control!
I just want to thank you, Abdo and Karli, and anyone else who has a role in providing me with my leg-you have no idea how much difference this has made to my life already. I’m 47 now and 46 of those 47 years have been spent wandering around in intense pain and the feeling of not having that is amazing!

Ella Rose Dove Features Writer for Good Housekeeping Magazine and Prima Magazine Oct 2017

‘From the moment I met Abdo,
I knew he would do everything he could to help me return to an active, fulfilled life. His warmth, patience and attention to detail is brilliant. He is highly skilled and I am always impressed – I knew immediately that when it came to prosthetics, my foot was in good hands! Abdo always goes the extra mile to ensure that all his clients feel happy and comfortable. Thanks to the London Prosthetic Centre, I can now stride confidently towards the future!’

Peter Lemon – Moments of Truth. October 2017

In 2014 I had my leg amputated following 5 years of struggle and being given wonderful love and care by the NHS at the John Radcliffe. This changed everything. 18 months later I met Abdo and his great team at the London Prosthetics Clinic who have given me purpose and real fun and enjoyment again. I have had to retire from active farming and have found a totally new interest in Painting. Having a lovely new leg I can now climb and descend 180 stairs each day at Marlborough Summer School where I go for watercolour painting classes.
I hadn’t picked up a paint brush since I was ten and now, thanks to all the help I have been given, I am hooked.
Holidays have been rejuvenated as I can now go into the sea with a swim leg. Family holidays in
Majorca are such fun, swimming and splashing about with the grandchildren.
I owe all of this to Abdo’s skill and care and his ability to provide me the facility to carry on my life. I can never every thank you all enough.

Thibault Allepuz – Below knee prosthetic user June 2017

“Abdo and his team have from our first encounter made a tremendous effort to understand my needs and built what is necessary to pursue them”
“The LPC team have been instrumental in my recovery and getting back on my feet”
“From the very first appointment I realized that I made the right choice by choosing the LPC. They are extremely passionate about theirs jobs and go above and beyond to find the perfect prosthetic that fits my needs”

Kenny Thomson – Through knee prosthetic user – June 2017

I have worked in the music business for over 40 years and I’ve been the business manager/agent for many musical acts including Chris de Burgh and Supertramp.
A few years ago I relocated to the West Indies and after the completion of building my house, I was run over in a hit and run accident and am now a through knee amputee.
After attending various rehab clinics, I met Abdo and he helped me rebuild the socket for the C-Leg I already had, and further helped me with an X-3 and socket which is now so comfortable that some days I don’t even notice I am wearing it.
As I now permanently reside in the West Indies, I look forward to my bi-annual trips to London and my visits to LPC.

They have been such a great help to me, they are the true stars!

Jackie Callingham – May 2017

Over the years I have had a number of complications with regards to my prosthetic leg fitting and one particular element that has caused constant problems was my balance and falling over. I decided to visit The London Prosthetic Centre as a last resort and Abdo immediately realised that the placement of the foot connecting to the prosthetic component was not aligned. Amongst so many other issues raised, Abdo has managed to resolve these and my balance problem. I am now able to get back to all my hobbies I love to do and to be able to live my active lifestyle.

Danny O’Leary – Above knee prosthetic user – April 2017

I didn’t want to wear my leg before I came to Abdo’s clinic. I had about 5 sockets made which none fitted and the first one that Abdo made fitted perfectly. With my previous sockets, I couldn’t walk or keep the prosthesis on for a very long time, now it’s great that I can carry my kids to bed every night and comfortably wear my prosthesis comfortably for 24 hours if needed, especially when travelling and flying.

Mrs Jennifer Davies – Above knee prosthetic user – April 2017

I always feel that I’m being treated very well at every visit. Abdo is very friendly and for me, this is the next step to getting back my life, Abdo just makes life so much easier.
It’s been a challenge taking my dog for a walk previously as I had to tie her to my mobility scooter to prevent her from pulling me and losing my balance, I look forward to being able to walk next to her side by side

Elizabeth Waygood – April 2017

“Abdo always comes across friendly and makes me feel very comfortable whenever I need to visit the clinic. I always feel that I’m being given the best treatment from Abdo and his team at every visit”

Tom Church Foundation – Tim Cornah Chair of Trustees for the Tom Church Foundation April 2017

Tom church Foundation helped raise funds for 12 year old Toby Green for a new prosthetic hand and received a delightful message which we’re thrilled to share with you.
Afternoon Tim, Just keeping u upto date!
“Toby took delivery of a fantastic new arm, and is over the moon …Abdo really turned around for us in such sort time!
Will send some pics later on once Toby’s home from school. You’ve got 1 happy young boy and 1 less stressed dad smile
Thanks soo much to you guys ,appreciate it more than you will ever know!
Jay liz and family
Tom comments – This really sums up what it’s all about!
THANK YOU to all of you at LPC

Mr Peter Coughlan – June 2016

Daily Activity
A visiting lecturer in foundational and applied ethics, and a very active member of a non-profit organisation. Although Peter has a car licence he uses public transport daily and walks a great deal to his daily destinations.

Peters’ Story

Some years after my leg was amputated in 2008, I began to suffer with severe pain and pressure on my residual limb which prevented me from getting on with my life and travel. It was discovered that I had a complex issue and I was recommended to go for another operation to resolve the issues I was experiencing. No matter what I did, I could not get my leg to heal properly and this was preventing me from wearing my prosthesis. As a last attempt to resolve the issue, I was referred to Abdo Haidar.

The Turning point
After my consultation with Abdo, he immediately understood the complexities of the amputation and created a solution that did not involve more surgery. A new socket was made around the complex structure of my residual limb and the leg healed completely within 4 weeks. After much pain and suffering, I felt almost back to normal.

Now thanks to Abdo’s efficient, accurate and responsive treatment I’ve returned with confidence to my regular travels to various destinations, including the USA, India and Africa.

Mr Tim Spencer FRCS / FRCOG – 30 November 2015

Abdo and his team are always patient, kind and great at what they do.
Since the prosthesis is such an important part of any amputees life,it is a great relief
to know that you are in such capable hands.

Miss Aurora Escondrillas, Above Elbow Amputee.

Letter from Aurora’s brother:

Hello everyone,

I am glad to announce that today is a great day for Aurora and all of us.
After almost two years from the accident and around 9 months from our first aesthetic prosthesis, Aurora has the prosthesis that she deserves. Concerning my last conversation with her, the prosthesis fits perfectly and the custom is really impressive. I can not tell you more that what you can see in the pictures attached.

Thanks a lot to all of you from the bottom of my heart and hope to remain achieving the best goals for Aurora. I am convinced this is going to be a really successful adventure. Sorry if at any time we were a bit stressful but for us you are our hands and best supporters smile

Put your thumbs up and receive a strong hug from me, Aurora and all my family!! It is a pleasure to work with such a nice team and people.

Hope to see you soon and looking forward to the next challenges…

Have a very nice day,

Aurora, Paula, Fernando & Aurora Sr, and myself,

Mr Rod Thomas (52 years old), Consultant Engineer

For the first time since losing my left leg (below knee) in 1999 life has no limits. The London Prosthetic Centre and Abdo Haidar have given me back the freedom to adventure. Unbelievable!!
“All Gain and No Pain”

Thank You.

Ms Marlin Uzcanga, Prosthetic user, Venezuela


“Soy venezolana, de 33 años de edad, amputada desde los cuatro años de mi pierna izquierda. Desde entonces sufría para obtener una cuenca exacta a mi muñón, porque todas me ocasionaban molestias y dolor, hasta que me acostumbraba. Además, siempre anhelé una prótesis con la apariencia de un miembro natural, me permitiera utilizar zapatos de tacones altos. Gracias a la dedicada atención de Abdo Haidar y al London Prothestic Center conseguí eliminar el sufrimiento ocasionado por el dolor y al fin tengo la prótesis que soñaba para poder usar faldas, tacones altos y sandalias y sentirme realmente bella”

Mrs Ros Smedley, Above Knee Prosthetic User

My life began to change after my meeting with Abdo at the beginning of this year.
For many years I have been walking in some discomfort and decided to make an appointment at The London Prosthetic Clinic. I cannot express my thanks enough for the professionalism and care that Abdo gave me.


Mr Joseph Omojokun, Prosthetic User

I am 53 years old. I lost my right leg above knee in May 1997 as a result of a brutal gun attack. I got my first leg in summer of 1997 under the supervision of Mr. Abdo Haidar. He has since remained not only my personal Prosthetist but a good friend. Abdo is one of the most honest, compassionate and efficient professionals with listening ears I have ever met. I thank God for bringing him my way at a time I thought all hope was lost. What more can I say, thank you Abdo, thank you London Prosthetic Centre!

Case Manager Testimonial about her client who is an Upper limb Prosthetic User

“Dear Sir, This letter is to thank you for the excellent service I received from your Clinician Steve Carter at your Leeds clinic. He was very professional and very helpful in choosing the most suitable components for my prosthetic leg. Once again many thanks for all your attention given to me”

Prosthetic User

“Thank you very much for the excellent services (John Ronald) provided. I spoke with the patient last week and he was really happy with everything
and spoke very highly of you as well”

Below Elbow Prosthetic User

“Dear Abdo. I am getting well with my new right arm. I am most grateful for all the time and trouble you took to design and make such a good fit”


Mr Quartermain, Partial Hand Prosthetic User

“After a burns accident in childhood to hands, legs and feet, I was left with three short finger digits on my left hand and four on my right hand.

Seven years ago and to improve my social life, prototype prosthetic hands were made and supplied by the NHS, which were helpful for a short time. Then the London Prosthetic Centre made an improved pair of hands, more comfortable, of perfect fit and life-like in appearance.

I am still actively involved in snooker locally, but one wonders what could have been achieved many years ago if prosthetic hands were available.

Many thanks to Mr Abdo Haidar and his professional staff at the London Prosthetic Centre”.

Alex Danilin

“Dear Abdo,

Good afternoon.

First of all, I would like to thank you from all our family (you saw only 1/10 of it).
What you did is true magic!
Anna and I were simply stunned by the result!!! Polina is so happy!
You gave us so many positive emotions. Thank you very much, again.

Thank you very much!

Best regards.

Alex Danilin”

Kate C -Practice Manager & Clinical Nurse Specialist

“Hello Abdo,

Sorry I have taken so long to write. I just wanted to thank you very much for the new prosthesis- it is perfect and I am very happy with it!
Please thank Natalie for me- she did a fabulous job.

Thank you again and I will be in touch down the track when I next require your services.

Warm Regards,”


Thumb amputee

Dear Mr Haidar,

I just want to say a big thank you to you and your team.
The thumb is perfect, I had the nail painted a couple of days ago.

Thank you so much.

Above knee Amputee Client, Ghana

Dear Mr Haidar,

We write to register our appreciation towards your co-operative attitude during our short stay in London when we were acquiring the prosthesis for my wife.

Abdo, words cannot express our joy with words but all that we say is God Richly Bless you

My regards to Gareth for his wonderful lessons.

My regards to you and all the staff of the London Prosthetic Centre for your good works to humanity

Below knee amputee

Dear Mr. Haidar,

I am writing to thank you and London Prosthetic Centre team for the new prosthesis. It looks amazing. Now that blister is almost gone I wear it and it fits perfectly. Everybody is saying that I walk better with it. I am very glad that I chose the London Prosthetic Centre to do my new prosthesis.

My regards to you and the LPC team.

Ms. T .P.

Below Elbow Prosthesis User

Dear Abdo and Colleagues
Thank you so much for your kindness and using all of your wonderful skills to make my prosthetic arm.
It is fantastic!

Best Wishes
S. B. and family

Below Knee Prosthetic User Daughter

Good afternoon Abdo,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the great job that you have all done in providing my father with his new leg – your level of client service is excellent, thoughtful and very caring.

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